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Direction for the Final Project and rough sketches

Although I was quite certain with the  main theme of my final project, that is… yes, Christmas again! I wasn’t quite sure of what kind of style i wanted it to be.  Should it be catered for kids for a kid’s Christmas party? A tropical Christmas? or a celebration for the office? Hence i went to further  research on the kind of mood that I wanted to create. 

Idea 1

I wanted to show how people in different countries across asia celebrate Christmas. Without snow, reindeer, snowman etc….  I thought that it would be unique and interesting to see how although there are different people across the world with different cultures, they still celebrate the same day in their own ways.

Idea 2

This idea is somewhat similar to the previous idea but with a more humorous approach to it.  This is how people in tropical countries celebrate Christmas-by the beach. I thought that it would be fun to give a twist to the usual Christmas scene by bringing Christmas to the beach! Cause why not? 🙂

Idea 3

Using the  usual elements of Christmas but maybe experiment with different styles??? (refer to previous mood board)


Final choice:  Idea 3

I figured that if I were to choose the first two ideas, it would be hard to make it look as clean and elegant as i would like my theme to look. So I chose idea 3 at last!

Rough Sketches & Ideation

Picture to be mirrored on the other side.

Things to take into consideration :

-Spacing between objects

-Objects not overpowering the deer and typography

-Should typography be placed slanted or straight?

Create a continuous  landscape view  for the  birds in the gift tag

Packaging for coffee cups and cup sleeve



Spine week 11 progess

After consultation last week, we decided to subtly increase the radius of the edge of the chair and its curve according to its increasing height. 

Also, we experimented on a few organic forms of the joint.

Joints of different width

Trying out different curves at midpoint of joint

However, after many attempts of experimenting we feel that the joints look out of place when we look at it from a closer distance even though if it is looked from a distance it seems whole.

Week 8 ( Progress)

After getting feedback on how the sculpture had lost a sense of  “wholeness”  and became more modular and repetitive, lacking the sense of continuity and inter-connectivity, we had to think of ways to make the sculpture repetitive and connected  but not too literal (as of what we did for the previous sculpture). Hence, we decided to explore more on per module of the spinal structure and from there create different sizes and volumes of it  to make it look more visually dynamic.

This sculpture allows the user to sit at both sides according to their preference. The variety in height not only help to suggest more visual interest but gives the audience different choices of seating according to their liking.



The 3 Pencil Comps

Sketches 1 and 2 are linked to the vending machine concept as said in the previous post. Sketch 3 is a more detailed sketch of a little’s girl’s obsession over a gingerbread house . I am personally leaning towards sketches 1 and 3 but still can’t seem to make up my mind on which one I want to work with! What do y’all think? Any suggestions and feedback are welcomed!:)


Thumbnail sketches and development of concept

Theme & Concept  : Obsession 

Below are some thumbnail sketches of trying to portray the obsession for Christmas!

Idea 1: Family trying to get Christmas stuff from the vending machine / The father looking exhausted from carrying all the stuff his wife and children got

Idea 2: A close up of the vending machine and the things sold inside it

Idea 3: A composition of angels clouding the whole space

Idea 4: Young and old queuing up to give a shot at the huge claw machine filled with Christmas goodies!

Idea 5: Everyone helping to decorate the Christmas tree!

Idea 6: Girl wearing  a Christmas tree skirt

Idea 7: Family buying stuff for Christmas during sale

Idea 8: Girl eating off a gingerbreadhouse

Idea 9: Wreath filled with Christmas ornaments

Idea 10: Elves helping santa to move gifts around


Idea 12: Elves helping to decorate the Christmas trees

Idea 13: Santa feeling  stunned over the amount of gifts he has to send out

Idea 14: Christmas market

Idea 15: Different levels and section of the Christmas tree selling different items

Idea 16: Many rows of Christmas stalls

Choice of idea after feedback 

Idea 1, 4 and 8

  • Idea 8 shows the obsessiveness of Christmas by the way the child is aggressively chewing off her gingerbread house.
  • Idea 1 and 4 shows busyness and also fits the theme of Christmas.

Suggestions: Use Idea 8 as a main focus and combine the busyness of Idea 1 and 4 into it (eg: by adding snowflakes/ornaments/more crumbs/ mess on the floor to fill up the space)


Progress (week 7)

Inspiration from Henry Moore
Image result for Henry Moore

Image result for Henry Moore

Image result for Henry Moore

After doing a bit of readings on Henry Moore and his sculptures, there was a surprising fact that most of his sculptures were also inspired by skulls and bones!

Bones are the inside structure that nature uses for both lightness and strength…so in bones you can find the principles which can be very important in sculpture

Henry Moore

Hence, after observing some of his sculptural works, we found it interesting of how he uses positive and negative spaces to create a visually interesting sculpture and how the whole sculpture is connected to each other as a whole. Prior to that, we came out with an idea to create an interesting space that allows the user to use it however they wish to. (eg: sitting, laying down, etc.)

Exploration of possible forms 

One of our biggest challenge was to experiment creating interesting forms but at the same try to remain its essence of looking like a spine.



Mood board, user persona and target market


-bold red, green and gold 

mood board 2


User persona and targeted market:
target market: female / anyone who loves Christmas!
occupation: working adults and students in the creative field / (anyone who loves creative graphics/appreciates/collects them!)