9 Characters w Stories:

This exercise I did when I was at home, together with my mom. We kept alternating with each other and separately completed the following:

  1. Head shape
  2. Eyes
  3. Nose and mouth
  4. Hair and body
  5. Background and colour

We spent around 1.5 hours in total doing it. My mom loved it and it was great fun looking at the different characters we made. I’ve also attached my mom’s version below. She recently learnt to draw mandela art, so most of her backgrounds have mandela components in them.

Title of each character (L to R)

1st row: (1) Mom? That you? (2) Shy Girl Next Door (3)”Didn’t think stealing a cookie’d get me into THIS much trouble!”

2nd row: (4) Big Boob Betty (5) Submission! Quizzes! Finals! (6) That was funny, wasn’t it?

3rd row: (7) Huh? (8) Long-legged Besties (9) My Head’s a Piece of Bread?


There once was a timid, gentle, eloquent girl named betty (2) who had a crush on the school’s most athletic boy, Jovan. Jovan could do anything! He could study, run,cook…He was THE guy in school. Popular, he had many friends, but not all of his friends were good. Jovan lost a bet and was forced (say no to peer pressure!!!!!) to steal 1 cookie from the nearby stall. Well, the store manager called the cops and he soon was running away from the police car (3). Yikes, those legs were made for running, but not running from the cops! Jovan got sent to jail and that broke Betty’s heart. Trying to mend her bleeding heart, Betty drank and went to parties. The once school shy girl with the big specs soon wore revealing clothes, showing off her big boobs (4). Months later, Jovan came out and found out about Betty. They eventually spent a night together but was woken up by the smell of bread. To his horror, he was turning into bread! (9)

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  1. It’s fantastic that you did this with your Mother. It’s such a creative exercise. I have a friend who has a lot of kids I’m hoping to do it with them one day.Great story!! Such inventive characters!!!

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