B&W Paper Cut: An Exploration

1 – One chilly night, a man decided to embark on an adventure

2 – Venturing through  a bamboo forest,

3 – and scaling mountains softly it by the moonlight,

4 – he stumbled upon a torii, a traditional Japanese gate.

5 – As he walked through the gate and up a flight of stone paved stairs,

6 – a shrine emerged from a distance.

7 – Rows and rows of lanterns gently lit up the corridor.

8 – He entered the shrine’s doors,

9 – and prayed to a Shinto god.


Starting with the fascination of small timeless Japanese shrines hidden in nature, I wanted to depict a tranquil night scene in Japan.

This is a simple story of exploration being a process of ones enlightenment. Many a times, we are confined in our own little bubble of believing things that we want to hear. If we rush, we miss out on things, despite them being near us. Even in the busy Japan streets, only by slowing down and exploring, then we can learn more and understand different perspectives. With different views, then we can get a clearer picture.

Here is the pencil sketch of my idea:


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