Colour Lino Cuts: Every Tree has got a Friend!

Same design, different colour scheme, different moods. For this work, I first printed the black design, then went past the point of no return and printed the colour backgrounds. It was honestly quite stressful hahaha. Aligning them as perfect as I can and getting the best ink printed.

I actually did experiment with some colour lino printing when doing the B&W one, but I used 2 lino boards instead of 1.

My inspiration: Bob Ross paintings. His paintings always had a mountain, some trees and the sky. It was only through his videos I watched a few years back that I realised how much colour can change the mood of a painting. Just a little hint of orange can tell us it’s in the evening. Purple, maybe it’s going to rain, or maybe the sun’s rising?

For this work, I have it as (top to bottom):

sunset, sunrise, clear 10am sky