Final Project – Vive La Vida Villa

Vive La Vida = Live the life.

In this spatial design project, I explore the juxtaposition of adrenaline and relaxation on a single villa.

This villa consists of:

2x swimming pool

1x carpark

1x wheelchair accessible ramp

3x levels

4x rooms

1x bridge

2x pvc roofs

Reflection for this semester:

I was completely clueless about how to do ideation sketches, isometric, orthographic drawings etc when the semester started. I always felt that I did not have a eye for detail, which I forced myself to challenge that self-perception. In this final project, I decided that learning comes from putting forth your biggest idea and working towards that. Along the way, I faced many difficulties. I felt that the cardboard was almost impossible to cut nicely, my scissors gave me a hard time and I had a sore hand after I finished the project. Ideas felt limited, and I thought that I couldn’t shy away from building a conventional house instead of a place specially designed for relaxation.

All in all, I felt a sense of achievement for having learnt how to work with various materials and mediums in forms and visualization. I am pleasantly surprised with my works as I did not have much expectations at the start of semester. Mr Ka wai encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and transform a simple lint roller to a giant prototype, then lastly to this villa. I would take this module again if given a choice as I believe there are always things for me to learn from this module.

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