Previously, in 2316:

In the year 2316, global warming, drastic climate changes and waste disposal has rendered Earth an unsustainable planet for mankind. To top that off, Earth’s inhabitants were also facing overpopulation and an alarming depletion of natural resources. There was a lack of basic necessities, like food and water, and chaos threatened to break loose.



Knowing that man could no longer continue living on a planet that was going to waste, and that there was no feasible cure to the situation, religious leaders and politicians came together during a summit to discuss possible solutions that could turn the impending extinction of all living creatures on Earth around. Times were desperate, and they were forced to come to a hasty conclusion.

Currently, in 2396:

80 years later, mankind is now living on Planet Clyria, billions of miles away from the desolated remains of Earth. Out of all the planets, Clyria had the most similar, optimum living conditions as Earth did, and was therefore, the best alternative. After the summit that took place decades ago, countries all over the world pooled together money and manpower, and efficiently built a shuttle device that had the ability to within hours, carry thousands of people at once to go to Clyria.



Country leaders had tried transporting as many people as they could with the little resources left before Earth perished, but millions were left behind to die. A third of those who were brought to Clyria, however, did not survive along the way, due to the stress, starvation and dehydration, and their unfortunate bodily inability to adapt and cope with the change in atmosphere. This brought the human population to approximately 1 billion. This also meant that only the toughest and strongest were left alive, through method of natural elimination.

Cities in Clyria were no where near Earth’s former glory, but humans had to make do. The lavish lifestyles were gone, where people spent exorbitantly and could afford food wastage. Instead, everyone knew the importance of rationing and self preservation, turning the culture into one that was rather harsh and unyielding.

In a particular town named Gildford, identical to the rest of the population, people fell into pockets that included the working class, farmers and soldiers. Life was tough, but orderly. Soon enough though, things were about to take a turn.


Please indicate the following:
  1. Name of character
  2. Skill set (Intelligence, Strength, Agility = 8 points)
  3. Gender
  4. Age
  5. Weapon of choice
  6. Character’s occupation (Working class, farmer or soldier)

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2 thoughts on “LORE 1 – CLYRIA”

  1. Name of character: Veggie
    Skill set (Intelligence, Strength, Agility = 8 points) STR 3 | AGI 3 | INT 2
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Weapon of choice: BC-8000 (白菜8K) (Gun that uses rounds of XBC (小白菜) | upgradeable to use DBC (大白菜)
    Character’s occupation (Working class, farmer or soldier): Farmer

  2. Name: Sgt. Fabian
    Skill: STR – 2 | AGI – 4 | INT – 2
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Weapon: A pocket dagger and a grappling hook
    Character’s occupation: Soldier trained in close quarter combat and silat

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