Introduction to Gildford, Clyria:



In the town of Gildford, one of the poorer provinces of Clyria, people there had no choice but to be hardworking. They worked hard to feed themselves, and more often than not, many still went to sleep hungry at night.

The people were small in stature, with tanned skin due to spending long hours in the scorching heat of the new star that orbited the planet, and provided the same energy the old sun did. This new star was called ‘Helios’, Greek for ‘sun’.

With regards to garments, the farming and construction class wore mostly denim, cotton and jersey – practical materials in practical, non- vibrant colours. The soldiers, however, the ones tasked with foraging new, foreign areas and trained in combat should there be a need for battle, wore leather. They needed the thick hide for its tough and hardy nature in their line of work in The Force.

On the other hand, the working class, probably the wealthiest of the lot, wore materials made of chiffon or crepe. They consisted of merchants, thinkers and businessmen, and spent a large bulk of their time being at the top of the budding economy, planning infrastructure, transport, and trade.

And of course, there are the Rogues – the deviators from societal norms. The ones who dress in dark clothing so they blend into the night, which makes it easier for them to go unnoticed and steal precious things.

Means of transport was limited. People had managed to recreate bicycles, which was the main form of getting around for the farmers. Other methods would be on animals, as beasts like horses and cows had been brought over from the previous Earth. There were cars, but very few.

Fabian, who was now a sergeant in the The Force, and Veggie, were childhood friends who grew up together on the rural farms of Gildford. When Fabian was 16, he enlisted to become a soldier, while Veggie continued to work in his family farm, under the guidance of his father. Both of them had never experienced life on Earth, and only had a muddled inkling of what it was like before based on their imagination, and tales told to them by their grandparents.

One day, Sgt. Fabian unexpectedly returns home from his base camp, and approaches Veggie for help.

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