Sgt. Fabian has convinced Veggie that there has been some sort of secrecy between the country leaders and high ranking officials in The Force. He had reason to believe that Justius Lowell, nation head of Uthad, where Gildford was based in, was hiding critical information from the soldiers and civilians – information that pertained to the recent genocides.

Masses of people had been killed, with reasons like virus outbreaks and sparks of sporadic violent sprees committed by seemingly harmless individuals being cited. No one knew the causes, and leaders covered it up by claiming that they were looking into things, and that the new atmosphere was the most likely cause.

However, a month ago, Sgt. Fabian had stumbled upon strange letters being transferred between his Warrant Officer, Vira Tamara, and Lowell. He had managed to scan the letters, and found that they were collaborating to get rid of the weaker humans in preparation for ‘them’ to come.

Naturally, Sgt. Fabian was disgusted knowing that humans would plot against their own species, and wanted to confront Tamara for an explanation. After much consideration, he decided he was treading on dangerous grounds, and should not cause suspicion or let anyone know about the information he did. Therefore, he went to the one person he could trust – Veggie.


Presently, both of you are on their way to The Force’s headquarters to dig for more data regarding this incident. You know the journey ahead is a tough one, but you are determined to crack the case, for it concerns humanity’s (what’s left of it) future.

After travelling by foot over arduous conditions like torrid heat, heavy downpour, and lack of money and weapons, you two have come to rest at a forested area about 73 kilometres away from Gildford. Upon resting, you hear rustling of leaves to your left. Immediately on guard, you scan the area and your eyes settle on a band of Rogues coming your direction. Rogues are known to be vicious and manipulative humans who are infamous for looting homes and robbing other people for their benefit.

What do you do?

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  1. Veggie: Sergeant Fabian, 9 o’ clock. Rogues spotted. These scums have to be contained and terminated. We should be looking after one another, not exploiting each other in difficult times.

    Veggie looks at his BC-1000 but realises he is out of ammo – no more XBC cartridges to fire. He looks at Sergeant Fabian and also realises he is out of ammunition as well. He scans around for his belongings and managed to find a bunch of vegetables.

    Veggie: Sergeant, I propose that we split into two and I will throw the vegetables to distract them while you enter from the other side to do what you do best – Close Quarter Combat (CQC).

  2. Sgt. Fabian: (pauses) I see four Bandits. Distract them only after I have taken my cover, roger?

    Sgt. Fabian shoots his grappling hook onto a nearby thick tree and flew over in an instant, causing some rustling of bushes that caught the bandits attention. In this instant, a bunch of flying vegetables flew across and landed beside the tree. Now in position, Sgt. Fabian took out his dagger ready to engage the bandits one at a time.

    [OOC] am i allowed to say that the bandits caught notice of the noise???

    1. (Sgt. Fabian: sure, you can say that hahah)

      The Rogues had spotted the both of you from a distance, and were ready for combat, should the need arise. Their plan is to keep things quiet, and rob you of any valuable or weapons you may have.

      As Sgt. Fabian settles in his position, the Rogues have prepared to strike, and throw a knife in his direction. Caught of balance while dodging the knife, he drops to the ground below but is not severely injured as the leaves and grass cushion his fall.

      The Rogues close in on Sgt. Fabian, and Veggie watches as the scene unfolds before his eyes.

      Will you win this fight? To win, at least one of you will have to roll the die and achieve this score or more:
      Agility: 6
      Strength: 8

      Roll here:

      Comment the score you get below.

  3. Veggie manages to discreetly fish out more vegetables from his bag, and swiftly hurls them at The Rogues with great precision and strength.

    He attacks them with carrots, sweet potatoes and bitter gourds, which hits their assailants square on their temples with such force that it momentarily distracts them to the point that their vision blurs.

    Sgt. Fabian sees his chance, takes it, and expertly tackles all four of them until they’re on the ground, writhing in pain.

    The leader of the group makes an agreement with Sgt. Fabian and Veggie to owe them a favour, should the need arise, if they spared their lives. The both of you consider this for a moment, and decides against spilling any blood tonight, hoping that The Rogues would hold up their end of the bargain to provide assistance.

    Anthony, the leader, gave his communicator’s digits to the two of you, so you could call to claim the favour. You both test out the number to ensure it is working, and then turn around, collect the vegetables that were scattered around, and head off to find another place of rest for the night.


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