One of the farming provinces in Clyria, Gildford is mostly home to labourers who toil day and night on the plantation, putting in effort to plant, cultivate, and harvest crops that are eventually distributed to the other villages in Clyria. Because of the little population and sparse amounts of land (of which only certain areas are suitable for growing crops), houses and farms are sporadically situated. Most farmhouses are made of wood, and have shabby glass windows that can be open and shut to block out rain. Unfortunately, because resources are limited, the houses are susceptible to wear and tear, but cannot be fixed immediately, giving the exterior a rather run-down and dilapidated look. There are also fenced up plots of land that are used to house livestock such as cows and chickens. Houses are isolated, some found in extremely remote areas, and are not easily seen due to the irregularly formed hilly environment.


A more advanced part of Clyria, it houses people like soldiers who are tasked to scavenge and protect, as well as current leaders and politicians. The best materials go into constructing this area, and the most money is pumped into developing the city. Walls are high, made of a Linel, a silver-grey material that resembles concrete, made using natural stone dug out from the deep grounds of Clyria. The army base is a restricted zone, and Linel walls tower solemnly over the camp, obstructing and outsider from looking in. Palm sized square holes are cut out high on the walls so that soldiers have an almost aerial view of the exterior. Thick, sturdy steel doors guard the entrances and exits to the base.

The politicians houses, though, are perhaps the grandest in all of Clyria. They’re constructed from Linel as well, but have been painted a creamy white using organic tree sap. Soldiers guard these houses on rotational duty, for 24 hours.Ornate steel gates that spiral up to at least four metres begin the walk from the first entrances to front doors of the houses. Each house is about 2 to 3 storeys high, proudly showcasing pristine marble-ish looking staircases and intricate decorations on both the inside and outside of the establishment.

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