2D II – Project 1 FINAL

It’s a wrap for Project 1! I’m happy to say I had a lot of fun finishing my first ever typography assignment, and there were a lot of things I learnt from it – like working on my conceptual and photoshop skills, sourcing for materials, what types of glue to use for various mediums.

I’m definitely looking forward to the next project after hearing the feedback, because I feel there is a lot of room for further improvement of my concepts and I also want to continue honing my photoshop (something that I found very useful during this assignment), photography, tactile and sensory skills.

Soooo without further ado, here are my final designs for the project!




Also, just a quick photo of the comments given during the presentation that I’ve taken note of!


And that’s it for Project 1! Thank you for reading 😀

I’m still trying to figure out how to put GIF files in so sorry for the repetition in the images, some are supposed to be GIFS!!

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4 thoughts on “2D II – Project 1 FINAL”

  1. yozxc!
    I really like how you managed to incorporate using transparent overlays as part of your project! Its not only engaging but also sparked my curiosity and interests on printing on transparency as well, which is something I haven’t done before. My favourite was the camera one, because it is one composition with so many pictures from different experiences which conveys a very powerful message in my opinion. Keep it up and looking forward to seeing more of your work in project 2 yo!

    1. Yo friend. Thanks for your feedback! (: We can go print transparencies together next time HAHAH. Your’s was cool too! I thought the rubics cube and signs one was interesting, especially how you managed to incorporate your name in a non-noticeable way so that we had to look closely to see the hidden alphabets!

  2. Hey Rebecca!

    Gorgeous gorgeous photos!!! I thought it was super smart of you to have improvised the adjustments of translucency by pasting plastic bags. However, like what other classmates have already pointed out, I feel that more text could have been incorporated (negative spaces in the matchstick ashes, perimeter around the camera lens, on the mould, etc.) because this is after all, a typography project!

    But overall, I really love the food picture a lot, it seems like a professional print already?!?!! Not to mention the fuzzy texture that you’ve created by sticking cotton also made it much more realistic. Looking forward to seeing more of your photography! 🙂

    1. Hey Siqi! Thanks for your comment! (: And yeah, I realised I should have put my name in more to suit the assignment brief hahaha. But all the feedback given in was very useful. Loved your work as well! The concept and layout of your pieces was amazing, super loved the ‘glitchy’ and holographic effect of the last one!

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