2D ll – Project 2 Development (#3)


And here’s another update that will be shown mainly through photos! (: I apologise in advance for the length of this post, due to all the images, because I have a few variations and examples for each hahah. So here are some process shots that I took to document the initial stage of setting up the place and props for taking photos to use for each piece. Below shows things like the cutting the cucumbers into thin slices, taking the fat out of meat, staining coins using red and brown paint, and arranging the crackers to make backgrounds.

IMG_6716 IMG_6723 IMG_6732 IMG_6734 IMG_6735 IMG_6736IMG_6720


I decided to go with placing something that is not edible by itself on the plate, because it shows irony, as people would expect a meal to be served on each dish. I thought it would make things more interesting if the background were food items, while the plates/bowls signify something else that targets the social issues.

I had a lot of fun playing around with the lighting and positioning of the props. Firstly, I had to ensure that I took the photos between 1pm to 6pm, because I wanted bright sunlight. The morning would be too blue-ish, while the night time would be too dark, or yellowish, especially since I did not have access to a studio, and my lights at home all use yellow bulbs. Therefore, I set up outside of my house, and laid the food items on the ground, on top of kitchen towels or a tray to keep the area as clean as possible. I took a couple test shots using average shutter speed, and found that it was sufficient, since the subject was not a moving one. I also increased the exposure, as I personally prefer brighter ones as compared to dark photos. I feel that unless the subject is a light form, bright photos bring out details better. 


Food in the point of view of a model is calories


Food from the point of view of obesity is diabetes


Food from the point of view of Instagram is popularity


Food from the point of view of Instagram is popularity


Food from the point of view of starvation is a luxury

After digital manipulation (without warped background)

These are the shots after being edited on photoshop. I changed things like the colour and contrast, saturation, colour balance, etc. I also added in certain features into a couple of the compositions, if I did not manage to create props for them (like cockroaches, because I ain’t touching the real ones hahahah).

Farmer 2 Farmers 1 Homeless Instagram Starvation 1 Starvation 2 Model 1 Model 2 Obesity 2Obesity 1


I wanted each composition to be evenly sized, meaning the plates to be all uniform in terms of placing in the centre, as well as sizing. I used grid lines on photoshop to measure each piece and keep the dishes constant. I also added a warped-ish texture by using the smudge tool on photoshop, because I feel it creates a more dynamic tone, and I want it to reflect the inconsistencies and disillusion of society and its social issues. I will do food stamping on the edges of each composition, to create a border and add texture to the art work, using food that is related to the theme of each (e.g. obesity = biscuits, or homeless = crackers)

Farmers 1 Farmers 2

Food in the point of view of farmers is income

I used rice for the photo background, because it is a staple produce that farmers always harvest, and it’s a big part of our Asian culture. I chose to use blood stained coins because I want it to represent that farmers work hard using their blood, sweat and tears, but reap very little (hence the coins).


Food from the point of view of the homeless is survival

I used instant noodles because I feel it’s something that is very fragile and breakable, as well as convenient to be eaten. Also, due to the nature of it, the noodles can be eaten before boiling (although it isn’t advised, but it can be if people are desperate = survival). I chose a can and wrappers in the middle because the homeless typically live on these products, especially when it comes from food donations/food drives.


Food from the point of view of Instagram is popularity

The crackers behind represent the application because of it’s square shape, and the layout of how posts on Instagram are shown (in grid form). I felt the warp especially added to it because of how what we see on social media is usually twisted from reality. The eyeballs are to symbolise popularity, in a way that people are always watching.

Model 1 Model 2

Food from the point of view of a model is calories

I chose cucumbers, because it is a type of food that models always eat, like carrots and asparagus. In fact, many of them develop eating disorders from it, health problems, or faint from not having enough food intake. The butter and chicken skin and fats on the sterile, clean looking dish is to show calories.

Obesity 1 Obesity 2

Food from the point of view of obesity is diabetes

I used chocolate coated potato chips, as well as rock sugar to show unhealthy snacks or food that contributes to obesity. The plate contains pills and syringes to signify diabetes, like how diabetic patients have to consistently take insulin shots.

Starvation 1 Starvation 2

Food from the point of view of starvation is a luxury

I made gruel for the background using cereals, oats, grains and chopped up bread – a type of food that is typically known in the past especially, for feeding the poor and hungry, as it is very filling and loaded with carbohydrates. For the bowl, I chose a crystal one, to show the contrast between luxury and starvation, and placed products like perfume and jewellery that is associated with privilege into the dish. I also used blue cheese and grapes to juxtapose this, as I think it is ironic that the starving will eat mouldy food out of survival instincts, but the rich may consume it in this context as it is an expensive product.

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