2D II – Project 2 FINAL

Hey everyone! So this post will be broken into two parts, one to show my final steps of food stamping, and secondly, the pictorial examples of my end products! (:


I used food that was related to each of the compositions for various reasons, as I wanted the item I chose to have a deeper meaning and symbolise something rather than be used for it’s print just for aesthetic reasons. 

Image above shows the first food stamped collection. Printed two sets of the compositions so there would be room for trial and error, which proved to be a good decision because I felt the first set that I stamped on was too dark in terms of colour, and was kind of distracting. I also noted that I should not stamp too near to the centre of the image, because then the background became unnoticeable, and that wasn’t what I wanted, as the background plays a large part in the irony of my work.


Food in the point of view of instagram is popularity

I chose wafers because I wanted to keep the sort of geometric shape of the Instagram layout, so I did not want anything circular or rounded. I also felt that the print made was rather different and pretty, something that was very easily identifiable, which captured the essence of my subject, because that’s what popularity represented on Instagram – wanting to stand out from others and gain following.


Food from the point of view of a model is calories

I used lime halves for this composition, because I wanted something that was currently keeping up with the trend of detoxing one’s body. It’s a pretty big area right now, with many models and influencers promoting this ritual, so I wanted a medium that showed that as well.


Food from the point of view of obesity is diabetes

Marshmallows! I used it for this mainly because it’s a snack that is well known to be very unhealthy, and too much consumption of this type of food will lead to unhealthy consequences, much like the chocolate coated chips and rock sugar I used to make the background.


Food from the point of view of farmers is income

For this composition, I wanted something else that farmers are known to harvest. The tea industry has always, and will probably continue to be one of the better known farmers produce. This is a high in demand product with a large consumer market, therefore, I decided to use teabags. The print made had a line down the middle and smaller lines outlining it. I managed to get this shape by using the base of the tea bag, instead of the side.


Food in the point of view of the homeless is survival

I chose to use dried bread that I left out without covering or wrapping up, to get a more rough texture. I wanted to use bread to attain a messy kind of effect, and also because of the idea that the homeless would not have access to fresh goods.


Food in the point of view of starvation is luxury

I chose to use dog food as a medium for food stamping because in my opinion, I feel if people are pushed towards starvation with no way out and they are on the brink of death, at the moment no one would hesitate to eat whatever they find, even if it’s not seen as clean, or even food made for humans, because the only thing they would be thinking of is to fill their stomachs. So, I chose dog food to encompass the desperation they would feel.


IMG_6769 IMG_6770 IMG_6771 IMG_6772 IMG_6773 IMG_6774 IMG_6775

Thanks for reading, guys! 😀

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  1. I think you have once again showed your strength in creating amazing textured background using real life objects (food in particular). well done ! While its your strength in food I do hope to see your upcoming projects using smth else so as not to restrict or limit your creativity!

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