Documentary Project Write Up + 5 Statements


\ ˈslēp \

A condition of body and mind which typically recurs for several hours every night, in which the nervous system is inactive, the eyes closed, the postural muscles relaxed, and consciousness practically suspended.


When consciousness is taken away, it allows people to be in their most natural state. Once fully asleep, the ability to be perceptive or aware of their surroundings and themselves is distinctly decreased. Sleep also reduces the lack of control people would normally have over themselves when awake.

Because there is no consciousness and control, an individual is also the most vulnerable to being who he or she truly is when asleep. It is when man naturally and temporarily cease the constant grasping for who they are.

In a way, people are in a state of being truly themselves in their rawest form only when asleep because it allows us to stop consciously processing reality.

This project is a series of photographic triptychs showing the places people sleep, to document where people are the most unintentionally comfortable being themselves.

  1. Almost everyone puts up a front while being with other people (could be in words, actions, or everything as a whole)


  1. While asleep, people are in their most natural state because there is the inability to have conscious control over themselves


  1. Is sleep a form of escapism from reality?


  1. During sleep, I am the most comfortable with who I am, because I am unaware


  1. Can anyone be 100% comfortable with who they are (emotionally, spiritually, physically, etc.)?

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