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Top 3 :

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To me the word lyrical gives off the feeling that soft and unrestricted. It reminds me of music, thus I wanted the lines to be random and not intentionally drawn on. I painted the entire surface jet black so that the white paint can show up better on the surface. I diluted the white paint and dropped some onto the paper and proceeded to use a straw to blow out the paint in all different directions and that is how I ended up with this line composition.


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I used thinner lines to show the idea of fragility and also through how faint and washed out the lines are. To create this effect, I rolled up a piece of tissue into a thin pointed strip. Then I dabbed it in paint and dragged across the surface of the paper hence creating this effect of faint lines as the paint runs out after being dragged along the paper for a certain distance.


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When I think of nonsensical, the first thing that comes to my mind is messy and random lines. I roughly painted the paper black and leaving some parts white to show the randomness. I used a pencil and started drawing random line on the paper when the black ink was still wet. This forms a different texture on the surface of the paper. The random and messy lines also makes it seem nonsensical to me.


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