2D Nursery Rhyme



I wanted to give this nursery rhyme a dark twist. Thus, I turned the idea of Old Macdonald as a person to it becoming the fast food restaurant Mcdonalds. Therefore, I made the animals seem like they are queuing to enter the barn which is actually a slaughter house and restaurant which is Mcdonalds. Hence, there are burgers flying out of the chimney of the farm. By including the famous sign of Mcdonalds, I wanted my idea to be clearly brought across to my audience.



I wanted to create a fun composition for this nursery rhyme. I chose to personify the teapot by adding legs and arms to different parts of the teapot. I chose to use a human head to represent the spout to show the reaction and interaction between the shark and the human. The shark heads are use to represent teacups so it seems as though the teapot is sacrificing the human to the shark.




This is done just playing with the words of the nursery rhyme. I use the character Ron Wesley to represent the weasel and i found  a photo of him casting a spell and hence i used this opportunity to make him seem as though he is popping pop corn which fits in with the title of this nursery rhyme, pop! goes the weasel.



The lyrics of this nursery rhyme is about how it is raining and there is this old man snoring and he never got to wake up from his nap. Hence, once again I wanted to emphasis on the dark twist of the nursery rhyme. I overlay images of this old man sleeping and snoring. I arranged the overlay images of the man to form into a tombstone shape and a cross on top of the tombstone shape to represent his death. By making the cross appear all the way up to the sky signifies the idea of death and the ascending to the soul up to heaven.

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