Project 3: Ego

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The first row shows how I see my pessimism as hindrance to enable myself to be a better me. I chose to use the colours like blue green and blue violet to signify the pessimistic side of me. Then I chose brighter colours to signify the optimistic side of me.

For the second row, I have always wanted to travel. Hence, I foresee myself being able to travel overseas especially due to the fact that I would have graduated from university in 5 years.

For the third row, I wanted to use these set of composition to best describe myself. Therefore, I decided to use my greedy for food to describe myself. in the first composition, the hair seems to be swaying toward the second composition which is the food composition. I want to show my greed for food through the movement of the hair towards the food. By using red orange and yellow orange on the tips of the hair i want to show the progression of me closer to food.

For the last row, I wanted to show my life in school now. Which is the fact that I would like the use of brushes and creativity to allow me to be an artist and hence an ideal me.


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