typography process and final

My name is … and I am a nail artist


The plan to form this piece came purely from my interest in nail art and nail designs. To make things more interesting i decided to experiment with fake nails and try to paint on nail designs on top of the nail polish. I decided to go with the colour scheme of teal and light blue as they are my favourite colours and i did it as though it is an ombre design.



The nail designs were not as easy to apply onto the fake nails as compared to normal nails. Hence, i chose to go with a more simplified look. If you look closely, the letter R can be seen on the piece as “R” is the representation of my name.


My name is … and I am lost


As I was doing the piece on nails, I had a hard time trying to piece together what I envisioned. Therefore, it let to this piece of work to show how lost and frustrated I was when I was doing the typography work with nails.


I chose to use the colours i like to form my name by dripping the nail polish onto the paper. I used the splotches of name polish to form my name to give it and organic feel as though it was unintentional. By adding dots to this piece and purposefully making the dots not as densely packed it allowed my name to be camouflaged really well. Hence, making my name seem lost amongst the dots which conveyed my feelings really well.


My name is … and I am chinese



I wanted to do something related to my roots so i decided to work with the chinese characters of my name. I painted out the grids on a piece of paper to mimick  actual calligraphy paper and wrote my name on it in the respective boxes.




I was inspired by the chinese speaking culture in Singapore to do this piece. As most people know, the first language in Singapore is English and it is a widely spoken language. Most teens are terrible at speaking chinese and it seems as though they had seemed to forget about their roots. Therefore, I chose to use the chinese characters in my name to form my english name by filling in the grids. By doing so, I want people to think of their roots when they look at this piece of work. On surface level, it is easier to spot my english name written in grids. However, upon scrutinising, the chinese characters of my name is what is used to form the composition of my english name. This reminds the teens that at the end of the day we are all still going to asian  and it also reminds them of their roots.

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  1. It is good to draw inspiration from different sources! Having lots of ideas for each brief and do not worry to make perfect outcome. If you like nails -please consider even more risk taking by research into “ready made”
    For this page on OSS please consider

    – make your images bigger
    – try capturing the detail of the image as well ( for example take some close up without the black border)
    – double check your categories and subcategories – I do not see your project on my feed. We do not have category TYPOGRAPHY FINAL and PROCESS listed
    please see my posts to double check how to archive categories ( we can double check in class)
    – consider a hierarchy an arrangement and order of your images- they are missing caption or title: “My name is …and I am….”
    – we do not need to read every paragraph- we need to have an option to immediately get your concept

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