Point Of View – Process

20160319_015642I started off by drawing the designs of the silhouette that I would like to use. I have chosen to cut up up cities like Singapore, Beijing, India and Sydney.

20160319_015659These are the pieces that were cut up.

I proceeded to make the drain cover which i chose cardboard as my material to do so. Specifically, I use cardboard that was used to package can drinks as the imprints on the can drinks really resemble the patterns on the drain cover. Hence, it was a bonus discovery that I had found through this project.20160327_215831

I cut out 4 peep holes like how drain covers have holes. The four peep holes will be where the viewers will look through to view the cities. I want them to feel as though they are really in a man hole looking up above ground to view the cities.20160327_215857I added coloured translucent film to mimic the effect of sunset. However, it was not as realistic as I thought it would be.

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