Point of view – research

20160327_212428 20160327_212438I wanted to doing something out of the box for this project. I do not want it to be a mainstream concept  or point of view that people had done before.

Then I started generating some ideas on the point of views I might go with. Suddenly, the idea of using the point of view of drain covers to depict cities popped up in my mind. Most people would not think of drain covers as anything interesting and eye-catching. Hence, I find it is an underrated object, thus I chose to go ahead with this point of view.


Initially, I found the intricate designs on the drain covers to be quite appealing. I was thinking of how I should include the cities with the drain covers.

floor_berlin Manhole_One

However, after further research on other types of drain covers I found drain covers that depicts the cities directly onto the drain cover itself. This inspired me to work with the iconic buildings of each cities which eventually lead me to using silhouettes of cities.

singapore-skyline-28730682 507455573

I choose to go with a few iconic cities for this particular project.

Name of city in the point of view of drain covers.

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