ZINE- final

20160411_111657These are the photos of my final zine.

I chose to use an image of a drain cover as the cover page of my zine as I find that it best represents what my zine is about.

Which is my take on how cities are like in the point of view of drain covers.20160411_11164520160411_111209On the second page, it is a collage of drain covers which inspire me to work on this point of view.20160411_111234On the 4th page, I did the watercolour background of the sky line to go together with the cutouts of the buildings i did later20160411_111258I used the pages in the middle of the zine to show this contrast and I added the labels for the city manually so that it has a scrap book vibe.20160411_11130620160411_11131120160411_111350To stick with the semi scrapbook vibes I was going for, I tore out pages of images of cities in magazines and stuck it onto the zine.20160411_111358For this page, I drew out the buildings in a city and painted the windows in glow in the dark paint to give it the effect of the glowing lights in a building.20160411_11140920160411_111631I overplayed images of different cities and  I chose to make use of the lights of cities at night to play with the aesthetics of this picture. It is meant to be the back ground for the cut out I did on the last page of my zine20160411_11144120160411_111447

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