Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo is such an inspiration as he creates shoes than which are every woman’s dream. The designs he made are so classy and timeless. Although every piece is priced at a hefty price it is worth the money to have at least a pair of heels from Jimmy Choo.

This pair of Vanessa 85 in the 2017 collection. The design shows both classy and sexy side through the curves and the shapes of the holes in the pair of pumps.

This pair of Romy 100 displays innocent and classy through the cut and the colour choices of the shoes. The choice of adding gems of different sizes gives off a water droplet effect and makes the shoes looks so intricate.

The array of designs and cuts he can come up with is truly inspiring as I would never have thought that there could be so many different designs of shoes and each of them represents a different vibe that the customer would want the shoes to embody.


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