Trip to Harvey Norman

Normal household products are looking more and more futuristic or they adopt a more playful nature. I feel that consumers are more drawn to products with a cool and more interesting aesthetic qualities. but at the same time it should still be functional and should serve more functions than the past. There are more products ranging from many different colours as compared to the past.

This is a handheld vacuum cleaner by Philips. What caught my attention was how the shape is very different from conventional handheld vacuum cleaners that have a longer profile and a smaller nozzle. The shape of the vacuum cleaner is also very interesting as it has more of a triangular shape that is gradually converging at the end forming a very sleek outlook despite its bulkier base. The wider nozzle also makes it more practical as it allows cleaning to be more efficient but at the same time the downside is that it doesn’t allow more precise cleaning. It made me realise the versatility of a product is very important in order for us to achieve a better product.

Then I chanced upon these vacuum cleaners that had the versatility I was looking for. Where the handheld part of the vacuum could be detached and reattached to the main body of the product enabling it to be even more convenient and portable as a conventional vacuum cleaner and achieving the same efficiency. The colours and shapes of these sleeker vacuum cleaners are often the classy colours like champagne and wine red giving it a more luxurious outlook to suit the sleek design and streamlines.

I was looking at all the different types of irons. These are the ones which are not portable and have a container of water below them. I observed how differently the bases are shaped and i found one which was very different from the rest as it has a more angular base as compared to the rest. This feature made it look more bulky than the rest as it lost the sleek outlook very the angular base was added. I thought that it would be more practical  as it could fit snuggly into any spaces unlike its rounder and sleeker counterparts.

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