Ideation and sketches of design

My theme is to focus on seashells and their importance to the environment. I did some sketches on different types of seashells as I feel that they have a very interesting texture on the outer layer. I wanted to make use of the interesting texture in my design as a form of pattern.

I want to create an outer layer that imitates the shape of a shell and also the action of it.

I tried drawing out different designs of how i might want the texture on the outer layer to look like. I came up with this four design which I thought could go with the shape of the outer layer. In the end, I decided to go with the design on the top left corner as it looks like mine shells and still can show the texture of a shell when being looked at from afar.

As i wanted to show the colourful colours on the inner shell of the abalone shell. The inner dress is being used to show the army of colour found in the inner part of seashell. the concept is for the outer shell to be equipped with a motor that allows the shell to open and the inner dress with led lights will drop out of the shell.

I decided to change the top of the dress to a bustier. If I made the top of the dress up to my neckline, it would not be visible as it will be covered by the outer layer which would be sitting on my shoulders.


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