Week 4: Progress

We decided to work further on our first idea, the map of NTU.

The project should be more interesting and interactive but at the same time not lose the original concept behind the piece.

Our idea is to turn the map into a game which requires student to work together to complete an objective.

We went on to search for game ideas that could inspire us and could be incorporated into our project. We found that pinball and the water toss game were concepts we could use for our piece.


We cut out buildings from cardboard to form the map out of the buildings and schools in NTU.

This forms the maze for the seeds to roll about. We decided to gradually increased the heights of the buildings on the map as it symbolises the growth of the school as well as the students. The highest point is located in the center of the map to represent the goal success at the peak. It would be the ultimate end point where the students would have to move a seed to. This signifies that the students will eventually graduate and be able to attain the goals and dreams that they had.

Water is being used as the medium in this project and the use of air pressure is used to function the game. The air pressure is used to move the seeds throughout the entire maze.

Air pressure symbolises the pressure students feel in the university. This pressure pushes and drives students to do better and move towards their goal. the completion of the game represents a journey of someone trying to attain his or her goal.

Water has an auspicious meaning to the Chinese, it represents wealth. In this case, its symbolises the wealth of knowledge the students gain as well as the wealth of success the school earns through all these years.

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