Week 6:

After finalising the interactivity which is the attraction and repulsion using magnets to move the “seeds” in randomise patterns. We needed to research on how the magnet would function and also how we could further improve on the form and aesthetics of the installation.

For the magnet, we found a way we could possibly allow the magnet to repel and attract through the use of an electric circuit. The magnet would function normally which main purpose is to attract the seeds and by connecting it to an electrical circuit it would be able to reverse the function, allowing it to repel the “seeds”. The outcome of the repulsion would cause a randomised movement of the “seeds” which we are aiming to achieve to show the movement and interaction between different NTU students.

The idea is for names of locations in NTU to be placed around the map. If someone is looking for direction or merely interacting with the piece, the building lights up when the name is being pressed. It serves the purposes of showing the way. This action of pressing completes and closes the circuit, allowing the “seeds” that are attracted to the buildings to repel in a randomised pattern away from the buildings. This outcome represents student interaction and connectivity within the school. The main purpose of this piece is to show student connectivity, the secondary purpose is for it to function as a map as well.

As for the buildings in the map, we have decided to change the shape of the buildings into simple rectangular so as to simplify the form as well as to symbolise buildings.

Another issue we faced was how we could make our installation intriguing and attractive at first sight. It is a flat piece so we were thinking of using illusion or suspension of the piece to make it seem like it is floating. With the installation being very huge, the floating illusion could lighten the “weight” of the piece and spark interest as viewers see a huge piece of work floating.

Hammer Lassen’s Cloud Pavillion

Tomas Saraceno, “Cloud City”

Optical Illusion by Alex Chinneck

Our idea is to have the piece to have an illusion that make it seem to be floating or suspended in air. This would make the piece more intriguing and increase the curiosity the viewers have for the piece.

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