in Lines (Journal), Research

2D Final Cuts (01): Personal History in Line Creation

Although I never had an official arts education, I have always been passionately curious about exploring the realm of visual-to-mind stimulation. Some of my works (done solely on my phone with my finger since I’m a poorly-equipped artist for now) are shown below. These were made in my free time during the June – July period, and submitted as part of my portfolio to La Salle and ADM. I was granted admission to both schools.



I like to make huge contrasts by playing with the size of the imprints, with a relatively smooth, gradual transition rather than erratically placed marks. Some are lighter and some, noticeably darker. I like my lines bold and expressive when creating darker moods, e.g. Bizarre, Anxious, Psychotics, Aggressive . . . Perhaps it reflects on how I express my darker emotions; Powerful, invasive & overwhelming.                                                                                    -01: Mad man in Red 



01: Turbulent


01: Systematic



I may have used a black background and worked from there in this piece, but in traditional practice, it would be employing the reductive approach of creating the patterns I desire.  It creates a passive setting for a more distant emotion e.g. distracted, exhausted, lyrical.                                                                                                                                                             -02: Highway to the Unknown



02: Distracted


Packing lots of lines in different directions and textures (created by contrasting sizes in dots) in one frame may create a busy atmosphere, which is perfect for moods that veer towards moods that are more complicated with multiple implications e.g. indecisive, nonsensical, ambiguous.                                                                                                                                                                            -03: Childhood Lovers 


03: Indecisive


By varying the sizes of the imprints to give an illusion of one being in the foreground or background, we establish a multi-planar space. Some shapes are more obvious than others, and this helps create focus in an image. Thus, it is much like the feeling of making a spontaneous decision in spite of the many choices available to us.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    -04: Illusion of the Give or Take 


04: Spontaneous


By drawing clear borders and directions, we create movement which are similar to moods that are more dynamic and easy to identify e.g. embarrassed, awkward, aggressive.                                                                                                                                                                                      -05: Lasso-ing Dreams 


05: Embarrassed


05: Awkward


Layering one picture over another like a collage is almost like a build-up of emotions and experiences e.g. exhausted, psychotic. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and tiring to hold it within, leading to a lapse in control e.g. sloven.                                                       -06: The Castle of Dreams 


06: Sloven


06: Exhausted