in 4D Foundation - 6, Journey

4D Journey: Draft 1/ To Walk in Another’s Shoes/ Journey into the Private Sphere

For now, I’ve managed to arrange it and edit the timing of the clips.

There’s more to be done, from narration and including appropriate music/sounds and transitioning . . . But – Of course – there’s selective inclusion of the raw sounds captured in those little clips . . . Of course they’re there for a reason. Please don’t ever think it’s random. I will be mortified.

At least the essence of the film is clear as of now – solitude.

An inner world, quiet unless you think  consciously in voice.



  1. I really like the changes in focus! Also wow the night scenes are really well taken, makes me feel like I’m taking a really quiet walk alone. Even without your narration at the moment, idk why my own thoughts seemed to be a narration? “An inner world, quiet unless you think consciously in voice.” My own thoughts broke the silence, apparently.

    I think you could use the snail scene and scatter them across your video? Something like a recurring scene of sorts.. It feels kind of cut off rn because its so different from the rest of the shots and it’s placed at the back! But yeah that’s just a thought, you can totally ignore it if it doesn’t fit oops

    overall really professionally done (like what Charmaine said!)