1. Hullo! I love the shots you’ve taken and the lighting– The lighting for most of the scenes set in the dark is quite good and you have some interesting angles.
    I thought the caution sign especially had this cool pro look to it and I think the shot of the lights reflecting in the water was my favourite =]
    Around 2.30, it’s a little hard to see what the subject is, but otherwise, the clips maintain a similar quality to them. I’m curious to know where you shot the clip around 3.10, the blue glowing light looks wonderful. I love the snail very much! Your snail actor is very cute haha and I noticed the effect you added to the vid to give it that retro look. I’d love to see the end result! Tally ho!

  2. Watching this, as if I was watching a horror story — with all the darkness and the focus on the word ‘caution’. I was imagining all sorts of scary stuff like zombies to appear all of a sudden!

    That aside, I can’t wait to actually know more about the journey through narration etc. when your final piece is done!

  3. Really like how you transit from one scene to another! How timely your fading effects are and how the camera goes out of focus and back on again! 🙂 AND ALSO, SNAILLLLLLL! hahaha nice job!