4D: Introduction to “Journey into the Private Sphere”


Project Direction:

To film individuals who appear to be “absorbed in their own world”, “unaware of their surroundings” or simply “enjoying the moment alone“, as if their existence is a separate entity from society.

To narrate their lives based on their actions, speculating on what they could be thinking or feeling at that precise moment.

To make it a more realistic experience, the footage will be accompanied by suitable music, depending on their actions.

Thus, the style of documenting this short film would be similar to that of wildlife documentaries, only . . . this one is anthropological, perhaps (?) Not that humans aren’t animals. Or wild.

We can be wild.

2D Final Cuts (03): New Textured-Paper Pieces!

After a number of experiments (using new techniques) on many different types of paper (rice, calligraphy, newsprint, drawing, printing, glossy), I found the best techniques for each type of paper and made my “textured” pieces. The medium used was Chinese Ink. When dried, the ink becomes slightly glossy.


Fine grain Drawing Paper, Bottle Caps & Fingerprints.


Calligraphy Paper, Homemade miniature Paintball Gun.


Rice Paper, Pinkies & Spray Bottle.

MUJI Newsprint, Flick the Paintbrush & Spray Bottle.

MUJI Newsprint, Flick the Paintbrush & Spray Bottle.

Regular Copier Paper, Paintbrush & Pen (hand-drawn).

Letter-writing Paper, Paintbrush & Pen (hand-drawn).

Newsprint, Dabbing with Toliet Paper

Newsprint, Dabbing with Toliet Paper.




2D Final Cuts (02): Emotional Inspiration for Lines Creation

Anxious: U.N Owen was Her

Embarrassed: Salut d’Amour Op.12, Edward Elgar

Bizarre: Turkish March (Music Box), Mozart

Exhausted: Warette, Rima

Fragile: I Love You, Woodkid

Systematic: Where Are Ü Now, Skrillrex and Diplo feat. Justin Bieber

Lyrical: Guilty, Al Bowlly

Turbulent: Carnivore, Giselle

Nonsensical: Luna, Bombay Bicycle Club

Psychotic: Waltz No. 2, Dmitri Shostakovich

Ambiguous: Chopin Style Arrangement – Howl’s Moving Castle OST

Distracted: Fantasie Impromptu Op. 66, Chopin

Sensual: Valse Sentimentale, Tchaikovsky

Sloven: Breezeblocks, Alt-J (∆)

Spontaneous: – (literally spontaneous) –

Aggressive: Smells like Teen Spirit, Nirvana

Awkward: Itsuka wa Romansu

Indecisive: Chou Wasabi, Julien Dore feat. Mickey Green

2D Final Cuts (01): Personal History in Line Creation

Although I never had an official arts education, I have always been passionately curious about exploring the realm of visual-to-mind stimulation. Some of my works (done solely on my phone with my finger since I’m a poorly-equipped artist for now) are shown below. These were made in my free time during the June – July period, and submitted as part of my portfolio to La Salle and ADM. I was granted admission to both schools.



I like to make huge contrasts by playing with the size of the imprints, with a relatively smooth, gradual transition rather than erratically placed marks. Some are lighter and some, noticeably darker. I like my lines bold and expressive when creating darker moods, e.g. Bizarre, Anxious, Psychotics, Aggressive . . . Perhaps it reflects on how I express my darker emotions; Powerful, invasive & overwhelming.                                                                                    -01: Mad man in Red 



01: Turbulent


01: Systematic



I may have used a black background and worked from there in this piece, but in traditional practice, it would be employing the reductive approach of creating the patterns I desire.  It creates a passive setting for a more distant emotion e.g. distracted, exhausted, lyrical.                                                                                                                                                             -02: Highway to the Unknown



02: Distracted


Packing lots of lines in different directions and textures (created by contrasting sizes in dots) in one frame may create a busy atmosphere, which is perfect for moods that veer towards moods that are more complicated with multiple implications e.g. indecisive, nonsensical, ambiguous.                                                                                                                                                                            -03: Childhood Lovers 


03: Indecisive


By varying the sizes of the imprints to give an illusion of one being in the foreground or background, we establish a multi-planar space. Some shapes are more obvious than others, and this helps create focus in an image. Thus, it is much like the feeling of making a spontaneous decision in spite of the many choices available to us.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    -04: Illusion of the Give or Take 


04: Spontaneous


By drawing clear borders and directions, we create movement which are similar to moods that are more dynamic and easy to identify e.g. embarrassed, awkward, aggressive.                                                                                                                                                                                      -05: Lasso-ing Dreams 


05: Embarrassed


05: Awkward


Layering one picture over another like a collage is almost like a build-up of emotions and experiences e.g. exhausted, psychotic. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and tiring to hold it within, leading to a lapse in control e.g. sloven.                                                       -06: The Castle of Dreams 


06: Sloven


06: Exhausted


Interesting Artefacts @ British Museum


Foot of a Greek Sculpture


Face Amphora


The beginnings of Cap


Sport shoes in ancient times


A broken off metal arm


Where skyrim got its references


Marble . . . probably one of the many sculptures from Parthenon . . .? Unsure


Self explanatory


Description of the Acropolis


An actual mummy


Egyptian artefacts


A statue without a description. Why?




What does this mean?