in 3. Ego, Ego (Journal)

2D Ego: Draft 1 of Project!


I am mostly undecided on whether I should employ paint to my services, or frame the pencil image with a thick black marker line before glittering out the background. ¬†Either way, I still intend to glitter out the background. It enlightens the image of applebeloved’s ego. Aptly.

I’m thinking of using the “primary” colours that is blue, red and yellow. Yellow, not green. Green because it is my favorite colour of all since I was a child. It would be too . . . exposing of my mind. I like a little . . . dose of delusion in my work.

So here are my images featuring the splendid dining table at home.


Jason √∑ Space = A Very Sad Me


Nature – Poetry = A Realistic Me


Stag + Doe = A Complete Me


Fitness X Meditation = A Better Me