in Typographic Portrait

Lum Renee: TyPortrait Process Work

As OSS was unable to load my pictures, I took the liberty of making a video  with the pictures and clips I shot. I wanted to create as much time as possible to experiment with my materials, to sieve out the mistakes and improve from there.


Mistakes/Reflections from Draft 1:

  1. Bad lighting: The shots were taken at night, so I had to use artificial lighting and the result was unsatisfactory. I made sure to use natural lighting in Draft 2.
  2. Over-Ambitious compositional shots: Big compositions were very ambitious shots to make. Firstly, the table used in studio shots were isolated where mine was a kitchen counter. The background was a grainy-textured white, where mine was a glossy white. Light reflected off the counter, forming bad pictures. And it was difficult to manage all aspects of forming a good photograph as an individual e.g holding up the light, adjusting the props. If I wanted to make a good photograph and retain an aesthetically-appealing portrait of my name (simplicity is always beautiful), I might have to compromise on the number of props I use in my compositions.


Nonetheless, in draft 2, most of the mistakes cleared up.

I went for a close-up shot with use of personalised name cards.