in Zines (research)

2D Final: Zines! Research

Technical Objectives:

  1. Can be cheaply mass-produced, thus efficient. (Economical, Practical!)
  2. Within the limitations of just a home printer and a designing tool, produce something that is attractive enough to be sold. (Efficient, I found my favorite way of doing personal projects!)                                                                                    

Designer Objectives:

  1. “Stand-Alone” Type of Design (Inspired by Azmi the perfect) = No need for gimmicks, just a pure, traditional zine.
  2. Explore one’s original brand of style & be consistent!                                                                                                            Me Dad





3.  Give a personal touch. Most of my projects are too impersonal and very tedious, I think.


  1. Informative – Interesting
  2. Comics – Worth paying $$ for 

3. Semi-collage/scrapbook – Visual Relief


4. Pattern party – (Inspired by Seniors’ Zines!) Classy, Sets the Mood