in Zines (final)

2D Final: Zines!

This is my first time making a Zine but I love it! I will make more in the future, and grow towards a more complicated design. I used ‘Pages’ as I did not have Adobe Indesign! Nonetheless, I took the challenge of doing the best I can within my limitations.

I focused mostly on interpreting my content on the type of paper used as well as the information I wanted to communicate. Designs were all done on the phone, including the digitalizing of my handwriting!

Screenshot_2016-04-09-15-04-04_1 IMAG2180_1

My work┬ámay be simple but I think the personal touch and information I used on every single page makes me feel that this zine is ‘rich’, to me. I think it will be meaningful to Jason, too. However, a third party p.o.v might find this difficult to digest for feeling a lack of involvement. That being said, I am very happy I made this to add to my collection. This was mostly a private work rather than one to be exhibited.

I clipped the page corners to be rounded, apart from the careful selection of the 4 paper types. I like the soft, flimsy but colour-carrying types of paper, so I was careful to choose something that can hold at least acrylic paint/ sharpie ink without seeping through. Yes, I wasted paper to make sure of that.

I paid a lot of attention to the fonts used. I like my work to have a classic yet electrifying look, as if I was a youthful 70-year old. Thus, I incorporated a couple of ‘techno’ fonts that I like to use in my ink typography too.

IMAG2239 IMAG2237





1 jpg

Cover Page, Back Cover

2 jpg

Page 2, Page 7

3 jpg

Page 6, Page 3

4 jpg

Page 4, Page 5