Lum Renee: (Part 2) Home, As We Know It

This project was an ambitious one for me.

I always had this need to express the crazy things I’d imagined of, but am more than often held back by fear of judgement. But through a long series of events last December, I realised that this fear was as if I was punishing myself before others could decide if they actually want to punish me (with derogatory comments). That I ought to learn to trust myself and nurture what I personally thought was good. So this time, I went with my instinct.

It was a great hassle to gather what I needed: getting help from a third party, finding safe but cinematic camera angles, good recording devices, proper lighting etc. Then there was the idea of throwing my personal voice out there. To make oneself even more vulnerable. And having to edit and render the video till 3 a.m. since I did not own any adobe softwares.

I think it was worth it.

It may not yet be of the highest quality, but this is the beginning of what’s to come. I want to tap further into my mind and see what else I can do. Improve with time and practice.

But enough about my background story, let’s talk about the video! The title of this casual-style video presentation is “Home: As We Know It”.

I personally enjoy works that harness interactivity between the audience and the artist. Here are the videos that inspired me:

There was something charming about Alexa Chung’s unique style of fashion journalism. She invited the audience to join her on both her thoughts and interactions with her environment. Similarly, I employed the narrative technique and explored my video from a more intimate perspective.

Although this clip seems far-fetched in comparison to my work, I tested out various camera techniques from the awe-inspiring scenes of Great Gatsby, and achieved a few considerably successful cinematic shots.

Overall, I think I can improve in communicating my ideas more coherently , especially in the upcoming projects.