4D: Sg Story – Pastimes

Disclaimer: I’ve made 2 versions of this short illustrated podcast: 1 with a mono-narration and another, with narrated cuts. I tried out both methods and found that the second was more attention-grabbing and cohesive with the onscreen imageries.

I incorporated both whiteboard animation & illustrations done on my phone. So basically I drew them on a tiny screen with my index finger, which was quite gruelling. It was also pretty stressful as I was doing my best to meet deadlines for other projects, involved in UOC and church activities. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the process of making this project immensely.

I made about 108 illustrated images in total, as I originally aimed to make a more animated sequence. However, this was quite ambitious for a 1 – 1 1/2 weeks. As such, I cut down on the initial plan of animating it (since it was time-consuming to make the actions look natural and the frames to jump from 1 to another fluidly). I focused on illustrating what I was trying to portray, prioritising the development of a time sequence over visual stimulation. Given more time, I would love to take this project further.

Here are some cute jpgs from the sequence.Screenshot_2016-03-03-17-12-41



















I chose to keep it simple, the concept being that of childhood, after all.

I am mostly inspired by children cartoons too, such as “Charlie & Lola” and “Peppa Pig”. These 2d animations are all very basic drawings, but are somehow very charming to the audience, even as they grew out of their youth.

Charlie & Lola, Lauren Child

Peppa Pig, Astley Baker Davies

Now, this is the narrated cuts illustrated sequence I’ve made!

P.S> Sometimes I wonder if my schizophrenia affects the way I speak.