I like  . . .

Running: Keeps the mind and body healthy. I don’t overthink things and it puts me in a better mood when my body’s been through some training.

Video-games: Educational, to some extent. I think I’ve benefited (decently) from the games I’ve played. It’s good fun after a dreadful day spent on racking one’s brains.

Reading (Philosophy, Science, Literature: To engage the mind in new thoughts. I like to keep my ideas fresh and interesting, and it’s got to have fuel from somewhere.

Good conversation: Socializing with helpful advice to take-away. It means there’s never a minute lost to making rude gossip but to spur another on with new ideas.


I love . . .

Art: Art history, Painting, Dancing, Puppeteering, Animation, Film . . . Architecture . . . I love them all. I think it’s about having an artistic vision and creating them in reality, like magic. And how simple it looks on the surface, and yet what complexity lies beneath it as if an iceberg!

Horticulture: It’s an obsession that has stayed with me since I was a child. I particularly love the bryophyllums, but any other succulent would get me equally delighted.

Jason Michael Fouch: My soul-mate with matching ideas and complementing principles in life. We have the perfect dynamic for resolving conflicts or obstacles as well as a brilliant partnership regardless of context. He is currently a Software Engineering major at Carnegie Mellon University, in the U.S.

My Family: Who else will love you for being you even when the going gets tough?