2D Ego: Draft 1 of Project!


I am mostly undecided on whether I should employ paint to my services, or frame the pencil image with a thick black marker line before glittering out the background.  Either way, I still intend to glitter out the background. It enlightens the image of applebeloved’s ego. Aptly.

I’m thinking of using the “primary” colours that is blue, red and yellow. Yellow, not green. Green because it is my favorite colour of all since I was a child. It would be too . . . exposing of my mind. I like a little . . . dose of delusion in my work.

So here are my images featuring the splendid dining table at home.


Jason ÷ Space = A Very Sad Me


Nature – Poetry = A Realistic Me


Stag + Doe = A Complete Me


Fitness X Meditation = A Better Me

4D Journey: Rough Draft in Pictures

Apparently the short clips are too large to be uploaded on OSS so here are some pictures.


Will explore the use of silhouettes.


I think i’ll use my camcorder for recording instead. The quality is quite horrendous when zoomed in.


More shadows. Weather’s good.


Was thinking of having the individual joined by another at the end of the film . . .


Have got to use the camcorder.


Don’t want the individual to make eye contact. It destroys the sense of private space.

2D RHYME: A Rough Idea


Heard we were going to do a project on nursery rhymes, and was immediately reminded of my sister’s art piece for her AP exam. Nursery rhymes often has a diabolical aspect to it despite its moralistic intentions e.g. losing one’s thumb, or breaking one’s neck. Probably sinister in this age, but much more common in the olden days where people were less worrisome, overprotected and more outgoing. So it’s all about the context. Rather than making nursery rhymes look all hauntingly beautiful as the norm, I shall try to make it look somewhat pragmatic by providing the missing logic links (due to the generation gap). That’s not to say i would take away the charm of nursery rhymes – i will enhance it with . . . sardonic humour.

2D: Lines Process Journal (Transferred from Hard-copy)

(Transferred from Hard-copy)


A rough plan of what the lines should typically look like, and went on to explore from there.


Trying out on different types of paper with all sorts of tools. No limits!


Drying the papers and allowing the more inky ones to flow a little .. .


Work table


Going organic


Using a fork and a syringe


Having experimented with multiple kinds of black inks/paints/dyes, i found that dried up chinese ink creates a shiny finish . . desirable.

4D: Introduction to “Journey into the Private Sphere”


Project Direction:

To film individuals who appear to be “absorbed in their own world”, “unaware of their surroundings” or simply “enjoying the moment alone“, as if their existence is a separate entity from society.

To narrate their lives based on their actions, speculating on what they could be thinking or feeling at that precise moment.

To make it a more realistic experience, the footage will be accompanied by suitable music, depending on their actions.

Thus, the style of documenting this short film would be similar to that of wildlife documentaries, only . . . this one is anthropological, perhaps (?) Not that humans aren’t animals. Or wild.

We can be wild.

2D Final Cuts (03): New Textured-Paper Pieces!

After a number of experiments (using new techniques) on many different types of paper (rice, calligraphy, newsprint, drawing, printing, glossy), I found the best techniques for each type of paper and made my “textured” pieces. The medium used was Chinese Ink. When dried, the ink becomes slightly glossy.


Fine grain Drawing Paper, Bottle Caps & Fingerprints.


Calligraphy Paper, Homemade miniature Paintball Gun.


Rice Paper, Pinkies & Spray Bottle.

MUJI Newsprint, Flick the Paintbrush & Spray Bottle.

MUJI Newsprint, Flick the Paintbrush & Spray Bottle.

Regular Copier Paper, Paintbrush & Pen (hand-drawn).

Letter-writing Paper, Paintbrush & Pen (hand-drawn).

Newsprint, Dabbing with Toliet Paper

Newsprint, Dabbing with Toliet Paper.




2D Final Cuts (02): Emotional Inspiration for Lines Creation

Anxious: U.N Owen was Her

Embarrassed: Salut d’Amour Op.12, Edward Elgar

Bizarre: Turkish March (Music Box), Mozart

Exhausted: Warette, Rima

Fragile: I Love You, Woodkid

Systematic: Where Are Ü Now, Skrillrex and Diplo feat. Justin Bieber

Lyrical: Guilty, Al Bowlly

Turbulent: Carnivore, Giselle

Nonsensical: Luna, Bombay Bicycle Club

Psychotic: Waltz No. 2, Dmitri Shostakovich

Ambiguous: Chopin Style Arrangement – Howl’s Moving Castle OST

Distracted: Fantasie Impromptu Op. 66, Chopin

Sensual: Valse Sentimentale, Tchaikovsky

Sloven: Breezeblocks, Alt-J (∆)

Spontaneous: – (literally spontaneous) –

Aggressive: Smells like Teen Spirit, Nirvana

Awkward: Itsuka wa Romansu

Indecisive: Chou Wasabi, Julien Dore feat. Mickey Green