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Sara Riches

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I was inspired by Riches’s figurative pastel drawings and paintings. Her works portray her emotions and her use of vintage sheet music and book pages to create layers of narrative in her works. I adopted her method of using earth toned paper and sheet music throughout my works to communicate the sort of nostalgia and vulnerability I feel when I reflect on my life.


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I first explored different mediums like acrylic and marker before deciding on using chalk for the majority of my work. I explored the expression of self as a part of the family unit and being the middle child.

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Then I explored personality traits like being creative and yet self conscious. The tetrad harmony colour scheme is applied here.


I overlaid sheets of tracing paper over sheet music to create a different effect from that of Sara Riches’s work.

Final Work


Equations (From Top to Bottom)

Curious + Self Conscious = Me

Conservative – Boundaries = Better Me

Flexibility x Strength = An Ideal Me

Past experiences + Present Decisions = Me in 5 Years



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