Micro-Project: Costume Design

My costume design is inspired by bees and bee colonies. I chose bees because I feel an affinity towards these creatures. Bees are like artists. Firstly, bees do not see colours the way humans do. They cannot see red but they view the world in ultraviolet (UV) light as shown below. This relates to how we learn to feel by seeing in the third space.

This plays an important role in the wearable technology I would use. The sensors I would put would lean either towards lights with UV colours.

1998.05.31 Løvetann (Taraxacum sect. Ruderalia; T. officinale). Sammensatt bilde som viser blomsterkorg og bladverk i ultrafiolett (UV) og i synlig lys. Bjølsen, Oslo. © Bjørn Rørslett-NN/Nærfoto 1.4 MB IMAGE/JPEG 07.03.11 19:32:38 GPS UTM:NM,NM94,NM9846,NM983461 [Nikon F5, UV-Nikkor 105 mm f/4.5, FF filter]

How Bees see flowers
How Bees see flowers

Bees also communicate through dance so I would also use motion sensors to explore how the costume can interact with the other dancers.

Also, I chose mesh for the jacket to communicate the idea of construction and deconstruction. Just like how nature looks normal on the surface, there are hidden elements that may be unknown to us until they are studied and broken into parts.


Screenshot 2016-03-10 11.37.27



Initial drafts



Final Designs

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