Art History II: Essay Proposal

  1. What are Chinese ceramics? Compare two ceramics found on a shipwreck. OR, focus on the ceramic shards that were found in Singapore (if you decide to choose question 3, then remember to visit the NUS Museum and the excavation site at Fort Canning).



-Define the characteristics of Chinese ceramics, materials used and functions.

-Narrow the scope of ceramics to those of the Tang Shipwreck

-Ceramics found in Tang shipwreck shows the extent of Trade in the South East Asian Region/ Srivijaya.

Thesis Statement: The characteristics and popularity of Chinese ceramics are influenced by factors like cultural trends, the tastes of local and foreign markets as well as resources.




Point 1: Ceramic design in China varied across the country, with different kilns developing their own styles to suit their resources.

Types of ceramics to compare:

-Changsha and white ware with green decor.


Point 2: Taste of local and foreign markets

Foreign markets favoured more colourful wares and functional shapes.

Compare patterns on blue and white ware and other ceramics


Point 3: Cultural trends

Flourishing calligraphy eg. Kuangcao “wild cursive script”

Huaisu’s the (wild monk) influence in Changsha and its abstract calligraphy.

Ceramics were influenced by the tea drinking culture in China. Types of ceramics from specific kilns mentioned in Chinese literature.

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  1. The current thesis statement is too broad!
    There are three papers in this essay proposal!
    Please choose to focus on one. Think about your group presentation. Could you compare the changsha bowls and the blue and white ceramics? Or, compare two types of ceramics from the Tang shipwreck and come up with a focused thesis statement.

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