Concept Development

2 Topics

Topic 1: Trash

I am interested in the stories behind people’s trash and how valuable they can be to others. I would like to explore the backstories of these objects from different perspectives.

Topic 2: OCD tendencies

I am also interested in the behavioral quirks and patterns of people, especially those that might be considered obsessive compulsive.



From the two topics I presented, I decided to go with trash. I started off my research by looking at photobooks at the ADM library. I particularly liked the book Yard Sale Photographs by Adam Bartos. The way the photographs were composed showed these random unwanted items together and yet they held a strong narrative collectively and individually.



As for the technology that I would use, I was pretty inspired by the interactive websites like Unspeak.


I liked the way data was presented and really enjoyed the humour and political statements in the videos as well.



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