Interactive 2 Project proposal


Group: Sim Xin Feng | Rosete Tiffany Anne

Metaphor Sensing Computing Effecting
Reflection, mirrors Image capture of light source?

Eg. light painting
Also, camera image capture

inverting, rotating, manipulating image, masking to make it a circle?
(Possibilities: Include a layer of generative art?Could there be sounds?)
Kaleidoscope installation
Physical space for the audience to view the results of their light paintings.


Tutorial References

Project Milestones

Week No. Date/Deadline Milestones
9-10 21 March (Tuesday)
  • Timeline Planning
  • Project Selection & ideation
  • Improvements to selected ideas
  • Research on possible patches
11 28 March Basic Patch done / Testing of the basic setup
12 4 April
  • Completion of the patch (¾ of patch)
  • Trial testing
  • Troubleshooting problems
13 11 April Final testing & improvements to the final patch
14 18 April Presentation
15 21 April Sexy Video & documentation of everything



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