Interactive 2: Kaleidoscope progress



Useful objects for our project

Flow Description Objects / Tutorial reference
1. Image capture

  • Capture live footage of audience onto screen
  • To find out if images captured can be from multiple external cameras
  • Find a way to store data/ videos captured by the camera… make a 10 second interactive trippy trip video
  • jit.grab
  • Message: getvdevlist– Searches for available videocapture devices (tut 21)
  • presets as mentioned by prof
2. Image manipulation

  • Rotating, inverting image
  • Colour changes
  • Alpha blending
  • Jit.rota
  • jit.brcosa
3. Linking physical knobs with image manipulating functions
  • i cube-x
4.   Consolidate patches into one program


Exploration using 2 web cameras and overlaying images with jit.xfade and jit.rota to create a spinning effect


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