Adobe Connect Workshop

Last week’s internet art and culture class was an exciting experience as it was a large group of us students having a class in the third space. It felt different from my previous encounter with Connect in the sense that with a bigger class, the imagery becomes even richer. Adobe Connect can definitely be seen as a space for artistic expression, especially from what we have seen from the exercises to the chatroom.

I am curious to know Randall ‘s experience as the facilitator of the class and whether it is easier to navigate through a virtual classroom as opposed to a physical one.

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  1. Suddenly a normal class was turned into an art piece, huh? I find that interesting as well! Instead of us staging and building the artwork, WE became the artwork instead. I am also curious on how Randall were able to manage the virtual class from just the tips of his fingers.

  2. Hi Tiffany, I agree with you that the adobe connect screen can be used as platform for artistic expression! It’s interesting to see what each person presented on camera when we had to show an object near us or an object with a face.

    I’m also curious to find out Randall’s experience, because it really seemed to me like he was a host of some show.

  3. More than doubling the classmates you had in Media & Performance, certainly changes the online learning experience, in terms of the class dynamics or student-to-student and professor-to-student interaction. You have to share Randall with many more people. Kekekee.

    Since you’ve experienced bring on Adobe Connect with both sets of classmates, I wonder how the two experiences compare. How does the experience being in a much larger online class this time, compare to your experience in Media and Performance?

  4. Well, Dina, Mirei and Tiffany, it probably takes just as much — perhaps even more effort on the part of the professor — to conduct a 3 hour lesson at B1-14, yet the three of you aren’t as impressed. I wonder why.

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