Human+ Review


This exhibition was very eye-opening and thought-provoking. There were so many works that explored the possibilities of the future of mankind. Some works were pretty disturbing and extreme (huge prints of Stelarc’s Ear on Arm). Then there was Julijonas Urbonas’s ‘Euthanasia Coaster’ which I think is an interesting idea to euthanise people. Others were more playful and interactive like Tease and . Overall, this exhibition sheds light on the pressing issues and questions about the future of humanity.

Augmented Abilities

The Decelerator Helmet | Lorenz Potthast

Watching your life in slow-motion

In an increasingly fast-paced world we live in, Potthasts’s device explores people’s personal perception of time in an interactive device helmet that slows down their view of their surroundings. Our perception is often filtered by technology. This device separates the user from reality and users can walk around waiting for the images to catch up with reality.


Remote control with 3 different modes

Auto-mode – time slowed down automatically

press-mode – specific deceleration

scroll-mode – completely control the elapsing of time


Use of VVVV visual programming

Output – slow motion display of environment in front of user (head mounted display) and the outside helmet


I was really impressed by this work and its possible usefulness in helping the community. I read in an article that research is being made to potentially use it as a therapeutic aid for people with disabilities.

One patient, who had suffered a stroke and could no longer fully open his hands, was motivated to overcome this physical barrier after wearing the helmet during his exercises and seeing his fingers unfold in slow motion.


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