Final Project Idea: Salt Bae

Interactive Devices: Final Project


Salt used in superstitious beliefs:

Salt is sprinkled over your left shoulder for good luck, and to cast off evil spirits behind you. Otherwise, salt spilled is bad luck

Salt Bae Meme


Project Idea: To make a game device that involves sprinkling salt the salt bae way.


My initial idea was to create a robotic arm that can dispense salt at the top/ side of the hand. Upon consideration, I decided to do an extra robotic arm and a wearable that sends data to the robotic arm. This would allow users greater ease of movement and make it more challenging to sprinkle salt.


  • Bend Sensor at Elbow
  • pressure sensor at the finger-tip

Robotic Arm Components:

  • Arduino / Phidget
  • Motor @ Elbow
  • salt dispenser with opening & closing motion


Wk 8: Presentation of idea, low fidelity prototype

Wk 9: Lasercut, Completed Acrylic Robotic Arm, Salt Dispenser

Wk 10: Motor Calibrated to Wearable

Wk 11: Refining prototype, Programming

Wk 12: Refine Final Work

Wk 13: Presentation


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