Device of the week: SixPad

First Impression

This device reminds me of the Alien movie scene where an alien baby pops out of  Sigourney Weaver’s stomach. I low-key feel like attaching the device to the abdomen might be attaching an alien to eat away at my belly fats….


How it really works

The Sixpad uses EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) to send electrical signals to stimulate and exercise the muscles.


Muscles are comprised of very thin muscular fibers and are majorly broken down into two types: fast- and slow-twitch muscles. Fast-twitch muscles are easy to develop and can lead to a well-shaped body. However, fast-twitch muscles cannot be stimulated without a highly intense training that is capable of leaving you out of breath. Since EMS can selectively approach fast-twitch muscles even with low intensity, muscular development is said to become more visible.

Gel pads stick onto the abdominals and when it is turned on, it stimulates the muscles with tiny movements of electricity to the body. Water absorbent gel sheets absorb and evaporates sweat and maintains temperature. The device is not painful and can be used for any age group for toning up the muscles.

PRICE: SGD $299.00

Cristiano Ronaldo not included


Reviews of the product are pretty positive. While it is not a replacement for a workout, it does help to accelerate the toning process, something that can be used together with exercise to achieve a Ronaldo-esque physique.

As a fitness and Pilates instructor, I think this makes sense as a proprioceptive tool to make users more aware of actively engaging their abdominal muscles and enhancing the mind-body connection of users. Though it only tackles and mimics the rectus abdominis (six packs), a more superficial abdominal muscle, people might be able to use it as an entry point to work towards their deeper core muscles like the obliques and transverse abdominals that are just as, if not more important in maintaining posture and strengthening the body.

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