Co-Broadcasting Experiment

Thoughts on Co-broadcasting:

An excellent way to solve the problem of viewer interaction. Our final project may include our friends on Facebook that we can interview or let them participate in our Broadcasting. It also solves the problem of non-synchronisation for cross-streaming.

Reflective Surfaces and the glass wall worked really well in adding a layer of depth and compositing images through reflection. This is clearly seen in Rachel’s face being reflected onto Dina’s tudung.

Facebook Co-broadcasting has similar features to adobe connect and thus gives way to exploration of the grid. Imagery can be explored here. We actually tried co-broadcasting in portrait mode first by accident which was also quite interesting to see the screen split lengthwise.They have a Starwars filter!!!!!

Another thing we found was the ability to draw real time on the screen. Below, I wrote Dina’s name in red. Its like live snapchat editting which also has potential like filling the whole screen or drawing something together to make a composite image.

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