Final Project: The Death of Privacy by Third Front

Final Broadcast

Posted by Dina Anuar on Tuesday, 14 November 2017


Dina, Siewhua , Valerie, Tiffany


Our final project was very focussed on the idea of glitching and the characteristics of media that breaks down. Our rehearsals and experimentation centered around glitch effects, ways to lose connection and disrupt our image in the web. Following the aesthetic and Jennicam, the piece pulls on the small doubt and paranoia that sets in when we share our data. In Jennicam’s situation, she received threats and violent reactions from her fans when she cheated on her boyfriend. Our work plays on the element of paranoia becoming a reality when users are terrorised by an unknown masked character.


Glitch glitch bi+$h

My experience with the piece gave me initial anxiety with not being able to see how the final composition looks like, but that value adds to the piece and makes our reactions to network failure more genuine and relatable.

I found myself instantly trying to make a connection with Siew Hua through my co-broadcast with her and make it seem as natural as possible. A lot of eye contact and communication had to be made between me and Siew Hua as well as the other group members to ensure the OBS broadcast was showing the right visuals on screen.

Posted by Tiffany Anne on Tuesday, 14 November 2017


Posted by Tiffany Anne on Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Surprise: We were all broadcasting in the same room which allowed us to pay attention to details, to each other’s gestures and signals. A few things that could have been improved was the audio of the project which could have been made clearer so that people feel more included in the narrative. The latency due to dealing with so much data was also multiplied more on the Facebook platform than purely on OBS so there could be options to reduce the latency


I really enjoyed the thought process that the group went through in conceptualising this piece. All of us had so many ideas that we bounced off each other and subsequently decided on what worked. The troubleshooting and problem solving involved in this work was much like that of a theatrical play. All of our roles came together rather seamlessly and the beauty of the team effort really did make a difference. The course has definitely taught me the power of ‘live’ broadcasting, its potential and the collective narrative as an art form. We create and mould each other’s identities just by being in the third space and this interaction gives rise to so much potential not just with digital art but in making art in general.



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