Cat (in a) Bag // Research

I have a cat who likes to crawl into my bags so I decided to make a bag especially for her and I can carry her around with. Thus I decided to make a cat carrier. I didn’t lie cat cages and cat bags because they were quite bulky so I wanted to avoid those boxy, bulky designs. Here are some references I got:

Then I started sketching the bag. Since I wanted to avoid boxy, bulky designs, I want to avoid using hard material. I was thinking maybe canvas/cloth?

A closer look at my sketch

I was super confident with the first sketch but probably too ambitious, because it was foldable and had wheels and a retractable handle. Also considered having a scratching material on the base so that my cat can scratch her claws while being carried/pulled. And since scratching material gets worn our easily, I considered having velcro at the base so that the scratch patch can be removed and replaced when needed.

Also I treat my cat like a baby so I was thinking I’d like to cradle her in a sarong-like bag. Cute.




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